The Imperative for a Uniform Civil Code in India - Adv. Karan Dua

Pursuit of Equality and Unity: The Imperative for a Uniform Civil Code in India

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India has been a contentious and debated subject, aiming to establish a unified set of laws governing personal matters across different religious communities. Presently, India operates under separate personal laws for various religious groups, influencing critical aspects of life such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and succession. For instance, Hindu […]
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Legal Rights in Dowry-Related Offences

Safeguarding Legal Rights in Dowry-Related Offences: A Comprehensive Overview of Police Interrogation

In the realm of dowry-related offenses and criminal cases, the interrogation process plays a pivotal role, often raising concerns about the protection of legal rights. It is in this sphere that the expertise of an adept lawyer, such as Advocate Karan dua, shines prominently in Delhi. While the police interrogation is a crucial part of […]
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